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Breast Sex: Tips For The Curious Beginner

Breasts are considered to be one of the top 3 erogenous zones (pleasure zones) on the female body, and when it comes to sexual activity these lovely lady lumps receive a lot of attention. Sucking, licking, rubbing, massaging and sometimes even biting or nibbling are used on the breasts as typical ways to arouse both partners, but how does one attempt the infamous "titty fuck" when it gets down to the nitty gritty? Watching your favorite porn star execute this form of sexual pleasure makes it seem like a simple technique to master, but there are some simple rules to follow and quick tips that can help any novice titty rider into a pro with practice. Ladies, get out of your own heads and fellas TAKE NOTES! Here are a few beginning tips for breast sex. It’s not an insult Some women view a man’s desire to have sex with her chest as an insulting thing only meant for adult film actresses, but it’s actually an endearing desire. Men love boobs and many have the desire of playing with