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For Him: Signs You’re NOT Hitting It Right

Alright, so you're completely smashing this FINE ASS chick going hard Pound for Pound with sweat dripping off of your brow and you figure, "yea I'm beating this up right!" Sorry to say, but all of that gyration and sweating sometimes gets you nowhere when it comes to completely stimulating your partner. There are times when you may think you're doing a good job, but in reality you are failing MISERABLY. Just as there are signs that you're laying the pipe right, there are signs that you hitting her walls all WRONG. Below is a list of signs that, if you pay attention to them, will give you enough time to pull out and opt for another approach. Just make sure you recognize the signs before you hit that point of no return where she gives you an "F" on your Sex Score card. It’s that more and more women long to be sexually dominated. They want alpha males, assertive and strong, taking charge of their nocturnal activities ....READ MORE DURING SEX While you&#

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Ejaculation Control with a Partner

Remember some men have success with it initially, but some of the gains can be lost. This is not unusual in the world of sex. Seasoned sex therapists often schedule follow-up appointments for any kind of problem every six months to a year after successful treatment. That’s because sexual problems have the tenacity of the cockroach. There can also be a placebo effect with any kind of sexual intervention, which means it works at the start because you believe it will. So don’t be surprised if you need to do squeeze technique refreshers every couple of months. But this should be fun. Seriously, what’s not to like about a partner stroking your penis? Warning #1: Get a Grip—Stop Apologizing Some of the most annoying aspects of premature ejaculation that women report are the constant apologies and self-criticism that men express after coming too soon. This whining and bellyaching puts their partners off. If you decide to work on these exercises together, the man needs to promise that he will