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How To Make Him Last Longer In Bed – Super Secret Tips

Yes, you can get your man extremely aroused during intercourse, which can lead to sex lasting much shorter than you'd want to. Here's how to make him last longer. Ladies, does your man struggle to satisfy you in bed? Is he less of a “marathon runner” and more of a “minute man?” If you’d like your man to pleasure you more, then read on to find out how you can make him last longer. One of the biggest problems guys run into is stamina. If your man can’t last long, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be able to satisfy you. Even though it’s no fault of your own, premature ejaculation affects both of you. The good news is that you can help him last longer. Using my natural techniques below, you’ll be able to make sex longer for both of you, without any numbing sprays or nasty pills. Let’s dive in. Here’s how to make him last longer in bed. Sex Positions That Make Him Last Longer Believe it or not, sex positions influence how long your man lasts.There are two factors that influence if a sex p