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5 Reasons To Suck On Her Clit

Aren’t all men looking for the absolute best ways to give their lover pleasure ? Don’t all men know that oral sex is one of the best ways to do this ? Furthermore, is it not obvious that the clitoris is the epicenter of pleasure for a woman ? OK, so if you know all this then you know WHY you should not only lick her clit but SUCK on it, right? No? Well read on my friend, read on… 1. Sucking Clit Feels Amazing As a woman I can vouch for all women when I say: having your clit sucked on feels AMAZING! While all women like different pressure when it comes to any clitoral stimulation, the simple act of sucking on the clitoris (whether lightly or with more pressure) feels so good! Especially if he uses the “suck and release” method of clitoral sucking, since the build-up is fairly intense. No doubt about it, it just feels damn good! 2. Clitoral Engorgement Is Quicker The clitoris is like a little penis with all of its nerve endings piled in to this teeny, tiny area. When it is stimulated (vi