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Another Day, Another Kegel Exercise Misconception

I understand there is a lot of confusion about male sexuality in general, and good old Arnold Henry Kegel and his exercises, in particular. Yes, Dr. Kegel is the man who invented a series of exercises to strengthen the “pelvic floor.” From Wikipedia: Dr. Kegel was an American gynecologist who invented the Kegel perineometer and Kegel exercises as non-surgical treatment of urinary incontinence from perineal muscle weakness and/or laxity. Born: February 21, 1894 Died: March 1, 1972 Kegels are not muscles! Kegels are not a muscle group! Kegels are the exercises – and only the exercises! – developed by Dr. Kegel. Strong Pelvic Floor = Ejaculation Control False. I wish life and ejaculation control were this simple! Doing Kegel exercises will not give you ejaculation control. For most men, they will do very little to help in this regard. If you can hold your pee during the day/night without wetting your pants, your muscles are fine. If you can ejaculate, your muscles are fine. As I state in