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Pillow talk: 10 Sexy Sweet-Nothings to Whisper to Your Man in Bed

Admit it: nothing is sexier than bed talk. It is the ultimate tease. When you get hot and heavy in bed, nothing puts you in the mood more than sensual talk. Naked bodies between silken sheets. Smoldering gazes and sensuous statements. It doesn’t get more seductive than that. A touch is electric, but sensuous words flow like water. And arousal is more than just touching each other. Words are a powerful tool that can make your partner grow mad with desire. They can ease your inhibitions and reservations. The art of sexy talk is guaranteed to turn even the most conservative partner into a naughty vixen. When you whisper words of desire, you can be assured that your partner will be left aching for more. Bedroom talk need not be embarrassing Many people find bedroom talk to be rather embarrassing. There are a good number of women who are turned on by *normally* derogatory words, like “slut” and “whore.” Many of these women are too ashamed to admit it. But there is a certain thrill in hearin