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Crazy Cock; Extreme Ways to Get Her To Suck Your Dick

  There are few better feelings in the world that sets your cock crazy than seeing a girl lustily looking up at you while on her knees or in your lap and seeing and feeling your cock in her mouth; and then grabbing her hair and moving her head around your lap as you sit back and enjoy the oh-so-wonderful ride. But the question is: what’s involved in learning how to get a blow job – and isn’t it hard to get a blow job? The short answer is: no, it’s not hard to get a blow job. By the time you’ve finished reading this powerful guide, you’ll know exactly how to put yourself in a position to get exactly that. and you’ll be able to make your woman – or the next woman you meet – absolutely LOVE to give you head. And all it takes are simple techniques. Here we go!!! For more details continue to scroll below to take a look at more RANDOM INSIDE PAGES! READING OPTIONS Option 1:   Download both PDF (3Mb) & EPUB (4Mb) on Patreon OR Option 2:   Download both PDF (3Mb) & EPUB (4Mb) on Gumroa

The Naughty Joke Book; Over 100 Dirty Funny & Slutty Jokes (PDF & EPUB)

A little laughter goes a long way. Naughty jokes are appropriate for adults; they just require the right setting. You may not be found telling these jokes at a religious function, but at a social event with friends, the jokes in this book will be the highlight of the evening. Many people find it difficult to start a conversation, and good jokes can kickstart a lively conversation. Those who like to be the life of the party get their material from content as interesting as that presented in this book. Ever wondered how some people can keep an audience for the entire day or the evening? While a number are naturally humorous, others get their material from books like this one. Reading jokes works like reading any other kind of literature; the more you read, the more you shape your mind to think in that direction. Therefore, if you train your mind to notice the queer and the funny in various situations, then you will do so even in other unrelated situations. Suddenly, your life and your wa

"DM" A Girl; Secrets To Slide Into Her Social Media & Get A Reply (PDF & EPUB)

  Thank heavens for social media! Now, you can contact a crush without embarrassment. All you need to learn are a few important details, and you’d know how to slide into a girl’s DMs and meet her in real life too! Of course, learning how to slide into a girl’s DMs needs a little background information and a plan as well. You can’t just go sliding your way into anyone’s inbox and say whatever you want. Firstly, it’s creepy, and secondly, girls want to feel like you’ve actually put some effort into this! If you want to know how to DM a girl right, and make her want to meet you in real life, use these tips and steps for sliding into a girl’s DMs on any social media your advantage. And you’ll definitely impress her, land a date with her real soon! For more details continue to scroll below to take a look at more RANDOM INSIDE PAGES! READING OPTIONS Download both PDF (2Mb) & EPUB (3Mb) on this page OR CHECK RANDOM INSIDE PAGES BELOW READING OPTIONS Download both PDF (2Mb) & EPUB (3Mb