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The Vortex Pussy Eating Move That Will Have Her Begging You For More…

This technique feels AMAZING for a woman and brings her closer to orgasm. It also gives you a chance to “switch things up” with your mouth while you’re going down. Over 60% of women report needing direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. But I believe that’s because their men don’t know this technique. The sexual suction cup actually makes her clitoris MORE sensitive to stimulation, Making it way easier for her to orgasm during sex. MULTIPLE times. I’m sure your woman will love it as well. You see, a woman’s clitoris is made out of the same kind of tissue as a man’s penis. That means that when she is aroused, it fills with blood and gets bigger. This is why her clitoris looks different when you start having sex and when you’re finished.What does this all mean for you? Well the same way that penis pumps and cockrings give you an EXTRA boost, You can easily provide the same for her, Without her even knowing it. Thus making her MORE sensitive, more ORGASMIC, and making you feel even b