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How to prepare for anal: Preparing for anal advice

Educate yourself about anal Talk to your partner before having anal sex Try anal sex on your own first Keep it hygienic Go slow Level up with anal sex positions For more explosive sex ideas here are  Downloads for Men!  and  Downloads For Ladies 1. Educate yourself The very idea of having anal sex can be nerve-wracking, especially when we consider all the misinformation on the subject. But by first familiarising with what to expect, you can be more prepared and ready when you get down to business for the first time. Look up any element that’s making you worried, whether it’s the potential messiness, the sensation, your partner's love-making style or any psychological aspects. Keep in mind that it’s really vital you don’t rush ahead if you’re not feeling up to it. Your comfort, wellbeing and boundaries are the most important thing and it’s totally okay to wait or give anal sex a miss if you feel as though you're moving too fast, aren't trying it with the right person or don&