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6 Reasons That Make Guys Sexually Crave A Plus Size Woman

Society may give reason to feel insecure about matters of the flesh, especially those that involve getting naked. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Curvy girls possess certain assets that not only make sex amazing for  — but also for their partner. Giddy up, boys, there’s nothing better than a curvy girl in bed! More cushion for the pushing   Certain sex positions are less abrasive on the male pelvis with a curvier woman. The impact of thrust is absorbed, which allows a man to stroke intensely with minimal risk of injury for either partner. Sex positions that bring the pelvis of both partners close together (doggie style, woman on top, bridging) feel better when used with women with more developed lower bodies. In short, curvier women are able to handle deeper, longer, more intense strokes, ie. “she can take it”. Men are instinctually attracted   Men are visually stimulated by nature, and the sex appeal of woman is dependent on her ability to bear healthy children. A curvier