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3 Sexy Ways To Wrap His Weenie

The one thing I advocate most is couples practicing safer sex by using condoms, but it's one of the things many have the hardest time committing to because of the uncomfortable feeling they can often create. Using thinner versions of these latex sex companions and wearing the right size can make a big difference in comfort level, but using a sexy way to make sure these rubber hats are placed on properly can encourage an excitement about using condoms in every sexual experience. Adding these techniques into the foreplay can help eliminate that awkward moment of breaking from the arousal period as well. Ladies it's time to take over your sexual health and be a leader in helping your partner feel sexy about wrapping it up! Here are 3 sexy techniques any woman can use to place a condom on her partner's love below. READ MORE  How To Politely Give Directions When Being Eaten Out How To Make A Guy Cum Fast (Powerful Killer Tips) Use your Breasts Men are visual creatures and they s