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For Him: Signs You Laid The Pipe RIGHT!

Reading a woman's thoughts and emotions can be quite difficult especially during sex, but there are a few physical and verbal signs that will be great indicators that you are putting in good work and pleasing her right. Some of the signs you may already know, but others maybe new to you. Either way, if you observe any of these reactions in the list, you ARE King dingaling...or daddy as some prefer lol. She gets the leg shakes After you're done, she curls up into a fetal position During sex she repeatedly shouts the name of Jesus or says OMG multiple times in a row She tells you not to stop Her eyes roll in the back of her head She digs her nails in your back She throws it back Read more  Thrusting Into her Pussy |   Switching Penis Angle of Entry, Stroke, Rhythm & Positioning Getting Her Kinky;  Exploring Fantasies & Games to keep Her Sexually Invested Aroused & Interested You hear the words, Shit, Fuck or Yeah while you're stroking She is still coming after you